Better technology. Better pricing. Better partnerships.

The RestorFX business model is, by design, centered on partnership. In choosing to focus primarily on manufacturing, RestorFX relies on its vast network of partners to help resell and utilize the RestorFX System.

RestorFX offers two types of partnership opportunities, available to individuals and businesses worldwide. The Licensee Partnership is designed for those who want to use RestorFX in their business, and the Distributor Partnership is for those who want to resell RestorFX.

We Take Partnership Seriously

Our success relies on our partners’ success. Our comprehensive resources and always-on support model are designed to help partners achieve their business goals in the most efficient way possible.

If you’re in the automotive industry, RestorFX should be in your arsenal.

Our Principles of Partnership


Using RestorFX requires skill, precision, and in-depth product knowledge. To ensure partners excel in their use of the RestorFX System, comprehensive training and mentoring is provided. Additionally, we provide an in-depth training manual, videos, and 24 hour live technical support.


On-going support is a critical aspect of the RestorFX partnership. Partners are never left on their own after initial training and education is complete. The RestorFX corporate team and international representatives are available six days a week to provide technical and business support to help partners flourish.


No matter where a partner is located, they can rely on in-person interactions with RestorFX. RestorFX has a network of representatives and trainers around the world to ensure partners get convenient access to training, services, and products.


RestorFX fits a variety of business structures, whether an established business or an individual looking to start a business. RestorFX gives partners discretion to operate their business as they see fit, and licensing models and agreements are customized to fit unique business requirements.

We use RestorFX simply because the cars look absolutely fabulous after the product has been applied, bringing them to their original factory condition. What really matters most for me is that after all these years we have had zero customers come back with complaints after purchasing any vehicle that has been RestorFX’ed because of the outstanding quality the product provides.

Don Snell, Preston Chevrolet Cadillac