Superior technology backed by years of excellent customer service.

Our Purpose

RestorFX Hawaii is in the business of delivering the most efficient, permanent, and innovative technology on the market—with the goal of bringing the automotive refinishing industry to the leading edge. We do this by focusing on intelligent, smart tools that improve the industry, drive innovation, and provide incredible value and satisfaction to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring satisfaction and value to our customers. We use only the highest quality innovations and technology known in the automotive industry today. Through our business practices and actions, we remind those we encounter that our values, principles and relationships are not to be lost in the bottom line. They are the bottom line.


Our Story

RestorFX Hawaii originated by Tim Kramarenko in 2011. Tim first saw the RestorFX product demonstrated on his own vehicle a few years back when he lived in California. A RestorFX representative offering to restore his red oxidized 91 Mazda MX3 approached him. After turning down the offer several times Tim finally agreed to it. When the car returned, he could not recognize it. The entire vehicle looked like it undergone an expensive paint job. It looked brand new again. He was surprised and intrigued. He immediately began questioning the product and system.

After moving to Honolulu, Tim worked for a life insurance agency. Everywhere he went he saw scratched, oxidized, and faded vehicles. He knew RestorFX had to come to Hawaii. 3 years after launching RestorFX Hawaii, Tim gained the respect and business of 20+ dealerships in the Honolulu city limits. He obtained an impeccable reputation by providing excellent quality and customer service unparalleled in the automotive industry.